Yes, yes…UV products are our passion and we devote them most of our attention but in other fieldswe also present ourselves impressive. Basically, nothing related to the protection and refinement of wooden or wooden-based surfaces is surprising for us.

When it comes to conventional systems no application method is a secret for us, starting from the simplest such as brush, gun or pump, through coating machines, immersion or vacu, to automatic machines and painting robots, including electrostatic ones.

Of course taking into account the impact of our products on the environment, it is understandable that among conventional systems we pay greatest attention to water-based paints and varnishes – mono and bi-component. In recent years this type of products has been the most refined by us thanks to which its properties and mechanical resistance are comparable to solvent-based products, while being harmless to the environment.


We are aware that not all customers are able to use water-based varnishes for various reasons, therefore we offer a wide range of solvent-based products, starting from the simpliest nitro varnishes, through polyesters, alkyd polyurethanes, ending with acrylic polyurethans. All available in both opaque and transparent version, in all gloss levels. We also provide our customers with the possibility of delivering any color from the RAL or NCS chart.

Our produstc are intended for us both open and closed poor wooden surfaces, as well as MDF/HDF. What distinguishes them is being ready for use and do not require the addition of solvent due to perfect leveling.

Our portfolio includes indoor and outdoor systems. The product catalog is complemented with stains, patinas, impregnants and pigments.

Separate range of products are specialist products which properties are confirmed by independant certificates:

- food contact

- antibacterial coatings

- unique system of fire-retardant varnishes allowing to raise the classification of wood-based panels classified as D-s2, d0 (in accordance with EN 13501-1:2012 + A1:2010) to B-s1, d0. We can obtain a fireproof surface from a non-treated wooden support.