UV technologies are one of the most technically and technologically advanced painting processes, hance this it is obviuos they require an individual approach in each case. Our main goal is to provide customers with products maximally adapted in our laboratory to existing UV line that meet all equipment requirements and conditions of use. By doing the main work in laboratory we are able to easily and quickly implement a system withouth the need for major changes and interferences in the technologies existing at the Client’s. At the same time, which is very important, our products are ready for use and do not require any intervention on the part of operator.


Over several decades of gathering experience in this field, we are providing complete systems for wood, MDF/HDF and veneer, both for roller lines, spray lines or vacu. Each of this technologies can be opaque or transparent. We have in our range of system salso print technology that allows us to obtain any pattern on MDF/HDF, e.g. wood grains, that resemble natural ones.

For many years our systems have been successfully used by one of the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, where they undergo the most demanding tests each year in terms of chemical composition as well as chemical and mechanical resistance.

We provide our customers with immediate access to products thanks to the stocks kept in our warehouses in Iława and Siemianowice Śląskie. Taking into account the short expiration date of UV products, our delivery system has been optimized so that the products we deliver to our customers are sent in the first weeks after production. We provide 24h service and we are always available to our clients in the event of urgent problems which we try to solve directly on the line.